Eyles McGough Limited

Terms Of Engagement

Purpose of Valuation:
Eyles McGough Limited and the Client hereby agree that Eyles McGough Limited shall provide consultancy/valuation services in respect of the property(ies) outlined above subject to the following general terms and conditions.

  • In accordance with our policies, valuation services (including consultancy) will be provided solely for the purpose as described and for the use of the Client or Clients as named. We do not take or accept responsibility to any other party in respect of these services.
  • Valuation and consultancy services are provided on the basis that the client has provided us with a full and frank disclosure of all information and other facts which may affect the valuation. We accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the valuation unless such a full disclosure has been made.
  • Neither the whole nor any part of any valuation and consultancy report, or any reference to the same, may be included in any published document, circular or statement without our written approval as to the form and context in which it may appear.
  • Professional fees in the provision of valuation/consultancy services shall include all time spent on the assignment, whether at the Client's premises, the property or elsewhere. We reserve the right to submit interim invoices for such services where it is considered necessary to do so.
  • All disbursements including travelling and other reasonable expenses incurred by us in the provision of these valuation/consultancy services, shall be fully recoverable from the Client as and when incurred.
  • All fees and instalments are payable within fourteen (14) days of invoicing.
  • Unless stated otherwise all reports prepared by us in the provision of valuation/consultancy services, will be written for the stated purpose alone. We do not purport to provide a site or structural survey in respect of the property(ies) to be valued, neither do we purport to be suitably qualified to provide professional advice in respect of building or site contamination.
  • Our fee for provision of valuation/consultancy services as detailed is $-----.00 per hour plus GST.
  • Our quotation/estimate for the provision of valuation/consultancy services as detailed, is valid for ten (10) working days from the date of this correspondence.
  • All opinions of value expressed by Eyles McGough Limited or its employees are (or are deemed to be) subject to our statements of valuation policy comprised within our report.
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